Victoria Farmer

Emotions are meant to be expressed;
Not judged by how you express them.

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The Greatest Friend

I've done some thing that I regret

I've seen some things I can't forget

I've lied to my loving spouse

I've their minds with so much doubt

I've smoked so much; I've been so high

with every word I tell a lie

I've seen my brother die from meth

I held him as he took his last breath

All my fault; I put it in his hands

How could anyone really understand?

I've fought so much to release my rage

I'm like a puppet dsplayed on a stage

I've stolen from my mom and dad

I've taken nearly all they've had

never an accusation was uttered

never a word was ever muttered

but I've always known they knew

they've kept silent, no matter what I do

I've taken the innocence of many girls

a thing more precious than pearls

But no matter what I say

God takes it all away

He forgives my every sin

He takes me over and over again

God is my greatest friend


I stumble down a dead end road

looking for a place called home

no signs to guide my way

a cloud-filled sky to hide my day

I take a step and fall to the ground

only the rain makes a sound

my hands search for something to grasp

I don't dare to bother those who pass

they're only shadows I ignore

who never help when I hit the floor

I want something in my life

a spark to put the gears in drive

the musty air makes me gag

I stumble and find another hand

it holds me steady; it's warm and kind

unlike the others that left me behind

I look up to see a smile

Man, I haven't seen one in a while

He says He's there when I'm in need

a humble friend; a loyal steed

with just that, I'd been put in drive

I was never better till Christ changed my life



See the clouds above my head

like soft pillows on my bed.

The wind carries notes away.

Whispering joy throughout the day.

I feel the rain upon my skin.

Gently erasing the pain within.

Wisps of sorrow now are gone.

No more pain and no more wrong.

A silent cry of hurt released.

Unsettling and yet at ease.

No one else can share my joy.

A peace that no one can destroy.

A time of certainty and of love.

A time that most can only think up.

A love so true; a love so bright.

Filling me with much delight.

Tears of joy slide down my face.

Surrounded by my Father's grace.

I may lie and cheat and hurt.

But to Him i have much worth.

It took much time to get me here

but it was worth the heavenly cheer.


Good Christian Girl

I lean my head against the sink.
I clear my head so i can think.
They say that i can never drink.
I can't cuss; i can't do weed.
They say this is what they need.
I must not do any wrong.
I must be good in order to belong.
But then again i don't fit in.
When i'm good or when i sin.
I'm not allowed to join in conversation.
Without causing devastation.
They look in awe at what i say.
Then they try to push me away.
It's like i can never do anything right.
I try to join, they try to fight.
Secrets kept behind my back.
I'm left out, and that's a fact.
"You're supposed to stay as you are."
I smile and wave, i've gone too far.
I can't do anything or else i'm judged.
Their will to see won't even budge.
I'm supposed to stay as i am.
Pride and hypocricy go hand in hand.
I want to join, they want to hurl.
I'm supposed to stay the good christian girl.

Robotic Christians


oh how they give us such bad names.

The fake ones that is.

They shove religion down our throats.

They say we're taking the wrong road.

There's something wrong with this,

and something wrong with that.

They say one more word, i'll make their lips fat.

It pisses me off, how i'm always wrong.

And yet their faith isn't very strong.

Well, it's wrong to convict others of their faults.

God please strike them down with a lightning bolt!

Gossiping, judging, they're all sins too.

Maybe we should convict you!

I dare, i dare you to say just one more word.

It'll be the last that anyone's ever heard.

I'm tired of all your judging and convicting.

Screw off you ignorant twit, only god can judge me!