Victoria Farmer

Emotions are meant to be expressed;
Not judged by how you express them.

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Peaceful Nights

If the night falls

and the serpents rise

if the moon calls

as the sparrow cries

the water will lay flat

but if the night stills

and the shepards sleep

the moon will sing

of perfect dreams

and the winds will come back

for the dark is beauty

and the stars are lights

bringing dreams to the sleeping

to enjoy the peaceful nights


Born in California

raised in Illiniois

a national girl

just one of the boys

living in Arizona

and missing home

driving around

with an ice cream cone

sipping Coca Cola

quite addictive

making friends

and dandelion bracellettes

never meeting a stranger

seeing friendly faces

choosing small towns

over many places

watching the flat land

chase the sky

running across the plains

catching fire flies

going to the mall

in Springfield

laughing all the way

back to Jacksonville

wearing cut-off jeans

in the humidity

staring at the stars you

don't get in the city

watching fireworks

from Jacksonville lake

going to Nicolas Park

with chocolate milkshakes

swimming in the pool

for hours on end

getting a sun burn

after your swim

going to Community Park

for a Civil War event

taking pictures with

the military men

going to grandma's

every holiday

pout when I have to leave

at the end of the day

visit my aunt and uncle

to play some games

go to a school where

I know everybody's name

attend Grandpa's church

on a Sunday morning

have some fun singing

along with the worship

wake up to a winter


having a fort, and

knowing I made it

climbing up fifty foot trees

and staying up there

hiding in the greens

playing in the rain

during the spring

curled in a blanket,


riding down the

open dirt roads

picking wild flowers

wherever I go

now I sit in the desert

with all I know

December comes

and I miss the snow

I look out at the

brown dirt

thinking of green

and it hurts

my skin red with

a desert burn

seeing strangers

feeling the spurn

the cactus pricks

my skin

feeling alone in

the world I'm in

the sun beats my


I look out the window

and miss the trees

that used to be lovely

I close my eyes

and remember the chill

of a winter's blanket

beautiful and still

I remember the open skies

and April showers

the smell of freshly cut


the faces that used to

bring me home

and I no longer

feel alone

I think of all the

thinder storms

the winter's cold

and summer's warm

the face of every

girl and boy

and I'm back in


Familiar Night

I hear the night call out my name.

Knowing it's crazy, but still feeling sane.

I leave my bed and step outside.

The wind caresses my face as I enter the night.

Silence greets me with a maternal care.

The wind playfully messes with my hair.

The moon illuminates the scene around me.

The light milky as the night surrounds me.

I feel the embrace of the night.

Filling my body with an aching delight.

I yearn to press deeper into the unknown.

Feeling a night that only I own.

Birds slumber within the trees.

I walk into the moonlight with grace and ease.

Cats match my even pace.

Rubbing my ankles with each soft face.

The purring soothes my inmost being.

The shadows keep my emotions reeling.

I walk down a path towards what I don't know.

It calls to me in a seductive voice so gentle and slow.

I squint in the dark to see what's ahead.

My soul surging, no longer dead.

A figure at the end of the path.

A beautiful creature without hate and wrath.

He embraces me in a familiar way.

Holding me until the night turns to day.



A friend can open up many doors

And stay there with you evermore

A sleeping companion through the night

Filling your dreams with much delight

A gentle hand to guide your way

A loyal guardian that doesn’t stray

The hand that holds when tears are shed

A supportive effort when wounds have bled

A shoulder needed when pain is there

A heart that loves with maternal care

An everlasting memory to always cherish

A love you pray will never perish

Our minds are joined; our hearts complete

You’re the greatest friend I’ll ever meet


The Night

Snowflakes fall like gentle rain

They melt across my windowpane

The moon illuminates a starry sky

With such peace i find it hard to cry

A shooting star streaks across the night

It leaves behind a subtle light

A slight breeze sends a chill down my spine

The shooting star leaves behind a silver line

Could there be more a perfect bliss?

With the light, it's this feeling i'll miss.



Christmas is a time to celebrate.

Christmas, somehow, is never the same.

It's a time to be with the people you cherish.

The day you pray will never perish.

You spend it with your family.

I pray you spend it happily.

A day to leave all your cares behind.

A day to finally settle down and unwind.

A day to see the time fly by.

A day i pray we never say goodbye.

A night spent beneath the night sky

as you watch the snowflakes dance beneath the streets lights.

And watch as the fire place fades into a low ember.

And as you lie in the arms of the person you love, it's the moment you pray will last forever.

A Sinner's Prayer

Dear God,

I pray that my boss doesn't fire me.

I prayer a better job hires me.

I pray that church will be over soon.

I got something to do in the bedroom. *wink wink*

I pray that smoking won't end my life.

I pray for a mute button for my wife.

I pray my order for Playboy goes through.

I hear they got twins for the cover for June.

I pray my UTI goes in my favor.

I pray you won't mind my behavior.

I pray that annoying dog next door will die.

It's been giving me many sleepless nights.

And as I bring this to an end,

I pray I'll wake up tomorrow...


Cloudy Days

Have you ever noticed cloudy days?

How everything slows down and nobody is rushed?

You can take your time, nothing's in disaray.

The outdoors are a perfect temperature.

The atmosphere is calm, tranquil.

You can go about your day with leisure.

Nobody is rushed or agravated.

You can sit outside and look at the sky.

No need to be irrational and hated.

The animals are even affected.

They go about their day with more grace.

They do it slowly. They have no need for haste.

I love cloudy days. I love sitting outside in the quiet.

Breathing in the soothing air.

Writing down my feelings, Writing about my days.

Writing about the real things.

Everything is bearable, I love cloudy days.

Do You See?

You look in the mirror

you hate what's there

I wish you'd see it clear

did ya miss the sparkle in your eye?

you hear your voice

you want to plug your ears

it doesn't sound like noise

have you heard yourself sing?

you want to burn all your clothes

you hate what size you wear

if it's your size

no one else needs to know

would you rather be

fragile bones?

you hate the chances passin by

you want a chance to excell

then take a chance for once in your life

i'll help you if it backfires

you want your time to shine

but instead you hide in the dark

i'm tellin you now, this is your time

i'll hold your hand till you don't need me

You're beautiful without a doubt

or don't you see?

Run to the Sun

Feel the sun, feel the sky.

Feel the wind pass you by.

Know your move, know your strength.

Know i won't allow your heart to break.

See below, see the light.

See what you know can be right.

Sense the feel, sense what's there.

Sense that i am always here.

Feel the rock, feel the sun.

Feel the wind pass by as you start to run.

Know your place, know your move.

Then you won't have nothing to prove.

You are right, you know you.

There's nothing no one else can do.

Feel you're free, feel the call.

Fly up high, don't ever fall.

Run away, run you're free.

Run to live there happily.

Leave all pain, that's the plan.

Don't you ever look back.

The birds sing out a siren's song.

Let them lead away from it all.

The wind pushes you straight.

Go, it's not too late.

Don't look back or you'll turn to stone.

You must walk this walk alone.

You no longer need to fall.

The morning will come with a magic call.