Victoria Farmer

Emotions are meant to be expressed;
Not judged by how you express them.

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Blue Moon (official title)

 Chapter 1 

  From the top of the tall, slightly slanted hill you can see the vast beauty of the small town of Charlotte , New Hampshire . To human eyes, all there was was small moving dots, kind of like ants, and bright lights. But to my eyes, I could see every individual walking the desolate streets. I could see the people in the cars, even the ones hidden beneath tinted windows in the night. If I closed my eyes and allowed my senses to wander, I could hear every heartbeat in the town. I could smell every different taste of the blood pulsing through all of the living creatures within a twenty-mile-radius. If I were to let it, my female seductress side could feel the heat radiating off of all the male humans in the area. She could smell the testosterone flowing through their veins.

  Sometimes I wonder what I really am – if I’m really the stereotypes you see on TV or read about in horror books. I know what I am, but I don’t like it. I’m a living monster. A freak. Something that priests, children, and all manner of humans would cower in fear from. Something Christians and Catholics would hunt down and gather around my house for with pitchforks, torches, and crosses to try to kill with their “God’s” religious crap. How in the world are you going to kill anything with Holy Water and a plastic, cross-shaped necklace? A bug maybe. The only thing that can kill a vampire is either another vampire or a werewolf.

  Stereotypes did get one thing wrong. The whole burning-in-the-sun-thing was totally Hollywood trying to make humans think they had a sporting chance against us. With highly sensitive eyes that could see every fragment of every solid, and non-solid, object, of course the sun would hurt our eyes. The only difference is human eyes could adjust to bright lights – the only thing they have over us. Plus, the whole being-dead-thing makes us extremely pale, thus we reflect the light from the sun off like a mirror which aggravates our eyes even more. Humans barely notice it. The only things they do notice is our ice-blue eyes that glow in the light like something from a horror flick, and our pale skin.