Victoria Farmer

Emotions are meant to be expressed;
Not judged by how you express them.


  As is clear to assume by the title of this website, my name is Victoria Farmer. I am a self-pronounced author, a habitual massage therapist, and a student of life. I have experienced and witnessed much in my short years, and have taken to sharing what I have gained with others. 

  This website was created for anyone interested in reading my writing, or feeling the need/itch to delve deep into the personal and/or eccentric corners of my mind. It's a website I made for myself, what do you expect? 

  Bare in mind that I have a wild personality and I pride myself in my open-mindedness. You will find various uses of language, humor and sarcasm throughout everything you come across. Be cautious not to approach anything with a defensive attitude or become easily offended. This is a place I developed in order to express my own and/or others' emotions and ideas. I prefer my visitors to be as cooperative, insightful, creative and open as I expect myself to be.

  I'm mostly a poet, but I try my hand at novels, too. Here is where you will find a majority of my writing, not all but most. My poems are categorized by what type they are -- such as dark, light, love and religious. The beginnings or summarized versions of my novels are found under Books. 

  You can join my website so that you'll receive updates when something new appears or if I'm doing something you might be interested in joining as well. If you're an avid reader you may enjoy what you find. Now feel free to go and explore. 

Yours Truly,

Victoria Farmer

Side Note:

I started this website when I was 16-years-old, so if you pay attention to the dates of when each item was posted/edited you will be able to keep up with what is current and what is old material.

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A photo of my daughter and me from December of 2014.

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Coolidge, Arizona